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About us

At Clarence Park Baptist Church our aim is to worship God and to serve the community in which we live. Our mission is to show the love of God to all whom we meet and to tell them of the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are wanting to know more about being a Christian or are already committed, we invite you to join with us. For us, the church is a group of people trying to live for Jesus Christ, to experience and show to others His love and care, witnessing to the difference that a living faith in God can make to a person’s life.

We are ordinary people, from all walks of life, who have the same joys and sorrows, cares and concerns that are common to us all. Yet, we believe that God’s presence in our lives gives us strength to face these difficulties. The teaching of the Bible and the love and support of this fellowship are all a source of hope and courage through good times and bad.

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