Hi ladies

We hope you are all keeping well and pray that you have felt God with you and  blessing you during this time of lockdown.  The bible says in Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction , faithful in prayer. I’m sure this is a verse for us now as we seek hope and patience in our daily lives and endeavour to be faithful in our prayers.

We have been thinking and praying for you all during this time and have felt the love and support of all at CPBC ourselves as we have met in Zoom rooms or over the telephone. It has been a strange time of being isolated and yet still seeking connection with each other in some way. I know when our Ladies Time Out group began , connection was one of our initial goals; a connection that helps us know each other better and seeks to support us in our daily lives, and also helps us develop a deeper connection with our Saviour Jesus. 
After many weeks of being dis-connected from each other we feel now is a good time to try and reconnect in a new way perhaps. Our planned monthly programme, has out of necessity, had to be curtailed so we are looking for a new way forward. Last month we had planned a film night, watching the film ‘WarRoom’. If you have never seen it I would strongly recommend it (I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it). It is very ‘American’ but looks at prayer and I have been challenged through it to be more focused and consistent in my prayers. The Bible tells us that Jesus commanded us to pray, he is recorded as praying so many times and in so many places and we are told that even now he is praying for us.  I admit I don’t always find prayer easy but God is teaching me little by little. My mind has a terrible habit of wandering and I am easily distracted so I have been looking at ways to try and help me be more focused.
You will find attached to this letter a little craft activity that you may like to try out with me. It is very simple. You can either print off the prayer strips that I have provided or simply cut strips of paper. On each of my strips I have added a bible verse about prayer, to encourage me – I found it so interesting finding so many different references to prayer and I know there are many more. Having cut out the strips you can colour/decorate them if you wish but on the back of each I thought we could write one thing that we want to pray for (being as specific as possible)  ie “I’m feeling stressed about....” “please help me be calm today”; “Please help  X and Y in their relationship with each other today”; “Please be with our town leaders” ; Or name a particular person or situation that God has placed on your heart. Roll or fold each strip and place them in a small box, jar or envelope and place in a quiet place where you want to pray each day. Each day take out one or two strips and use them to help you focus on that particular topic during your prayer time.  Perhaps if we meet up for a Zoom chat sometime we could share some of our ideas for prayer with each other and help widen our scope of thinking. 


Next months ‘Ladies Time Out’ was due to be a quiz night. If this is something that appeals to you we could do this over Zoom or WhatsApp or even simply by post if you find technology difficult. If this is something you would like to be involved in and have a preference for media type please email any of us and we will try to get it sorted (email addresses at end of this letter). If you would rather just have a coffee and chat with some prayer time over Zoom, similarly let us know, or if there is something you think would be helpful for us to study or discuss please share these with us. 

We have tried to reach as many of you as possible using the email addresses that you shared with us. If you have received this letter in a paper form but have an email address please let us know and we will update our records. We will also add things to the church website so that you can access them that way. If you know of any other ladies you think would like to join in our activities please forward this on to them – we are not an ‘exclusive club’ for CPBC ladies, just a group of christian ladies trying to support and encourage each other and to grow in our walk with our saviour Jesus.

Please do let us know your thoughts on the future for our ladies group and help us to make prayerful decisions about God wants to do amongst us and through us. Stay well, stay safe and God bless you and your loved ones.  

Julie, Kaye and Ruth.

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